Frog Fun Tournament Play

Our ultimate goal is to provide people everywhere with the opportunity to earn cash awards playing our e-sport game – Frog Fun. For now, online tournaments are still in development.

Meanwhile, we are having a bunch of fun with real life tournaments (IRL) at internet cafes and other venues with a strong wifi signal. Fun for us, fun for café customers, and fun for café managers who see increased business enter the door at tournament time.

Our free tournaments are 8-player single elimination tournaments with no entry fee and a prize of $50 for the winner.  Tournaments take between one and two hours and are held at Burger King in Weed, California, at 7 pm on Thursday nights.  Just drop by and join us!  If there are not eight players available for a Frog Fun tournament, the inventor of Frog Fun (Chris Wroth) will be at Burger King and ready to play a match with you. Anyone who can beat him will receive a $10 prize and an “I Beat the Inventor” button.  Come play!

Interested players can enter a tournament by contacting the Frog Fun website (

Thank you for your support of this extremely fun and challenging game!

Upcoming tournament in Weed, California and beyond!

If you live in or around Weed, California, check out this Frog Fun flyer regarding a tournament in your area. However, if you don’t live in Weed, you can still join the tournament via your mobile device. To do this, simply call between 6:45 pm and 7:00 pm PST (707-696-4164) on Thursdays and we will get you into the tournament remotely. Or, send an email to We’ll do our best to get you in so you have a chance to win $50 every Thursday evening!

Here are links to the app:

Here’s a link to the game in iTunes:

Here’s a link to the game for Android devices on Google Play:

This is an unprecedented treat for all people who enjoy the strategy of this app!